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Dual boot
3 save MODE
1 KEY backup or restore, simple is best
Compatiable all Nand and Nor flash device
Integrated lots of interface, perfectly extension, will have more function with future new E3 accessory.

New videos of E3 ODE PRO are available.

We are pleased to announce that E3 ODE PRO works on the new super slim PS3 42XX console perfectly .

我们很高兴通知大家E3 ODE PRO在最新的PS3 42XX 系列超薄机上完美工作。


We are pleased to announce that E3 Manager for E3 ODE PRO will be released soon.
E3 Manger will give the user a variety of styles of operation and brilliant dazzling theme background . Of course, like simple -to-use user can still use E3 OS for normal operation.
Here is E3 Manager demo video , the official version released soon.

我们很高兴通知大家, E3 Manager for E3 ODE PRO即将发布。E3 Manager将会带给用户风格多样的操作方式及绚丽炫目的主题背景。当然,喜欢简洁易用的用户依然可以使用E3 OS 进行正常操作。
下面是E3 Manager的演示视频,正式版即将发布。

E3 Manager DEMO Video(YOUKU)
E3 Manager DEMO Video

New videos of E3 ODE PRO are available.


Because of wrong operation of E3 ODE PRO, user update PS3 official firmware fail, and turn into upgrade cycle. This problem happened because user not turn E3 ODE PRO into the correct PS3 BD DRIVE MODE. Now user can turn the E3 ODE PRO into PS3 BD DRIVE mode for fix this problem even can't start PS3 correctly. (update easier way)

The select mode on PS3 menu is not same for Europe and Asia console . The Europe user should Press X but not Press O to choose from E3 OS . We are sorry take inconvenient for those user, we will fix it in the next update of E3 OS .

由于错误操作E3 ODE PRO, 用户在升级PS3官方系统时会失败,进入循环升级。这个问题的原因是用户没有让E3 ODE PRO正确进入PS3 BD DRIVE模式而进行PS3固件升级。 现在用户可以下载下面文档,将E3 ODE PRO固件转换为默认PS3 BD DRIVE模式来修复这个问题。(更新更为简洁的方式)

PS3菜单的选择方式在欧版和亚版主机上有所不同。在E3 OS中,欧洲用户应该选择X而不是O来确定选项。我们对此给用户带来的不便深感歉意,将会在下一次E3 OS更新中修复这个问题。



After the hard work of the last few weeks , the E3 OS v1.23 is now available for download.

The important feature of this update is :
1: One update program for all slim console now
2: E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 BD DRIVE mode is easier to switch
3: More stability and faster speed.

The new user manual v1.23 is also updated.

More boot disc type is supported by E3 ODE PRO , user can download the keys file and follow the instruction.


经过几周的努力工作, E3 ODE PRO迎来了重要的E3 OS v1.23更新。

2:E3 ODE PRO模式和PS3 BD DRIVE模式切换更加方便简洁
3: 运行更加稳定,更加快速




Download E3 OS v1.23 for all slim console

Download E3 USER Manual v1.23 and keys folder


Thanks our user make 2 nice video to show E3 ODE PRO installation and operation. The video confirm that without modification , the E3 ODE PRO can upgrade to v1.21 and ntfs work perfectly.



How E3 Works:


The russian version E3 ODE PRO installation manual and operation manual added in the download page.

The E3 ODE ISO TOOL v2.0 updated in the download page.



The E3TEAM has released the latest E3 CFW4.30 for free. The bricking issue has been improved. Just download here and enjoy. (Pass is www.e3-tech.net)

Here we mention to E3 flasher users that you do not need to solder a wire to use the latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick a console.


1: Official E3 flasher forum online now, please visit www.e3-forum.com to know details.
We will reply all of our product question in time on officia forum.

2: A clone E3 flasher has appeared on market . It can be easily verified from the pcb and quality.

1: E3 Flasher downgrade and dual boot 4.21 OFW successfully . We also successfully dual boot DEX3.55-CEX3.55 . We are studying other dual boot way like DEX4.2-CEX4.21, DEX4.2-CEX3.55 which can help E3 flasher user enjoy more function .

2: We are developing one key switch function for E3 flasher user. User convert DEX to CEX and CEX to DEX very easy ,just like our one key downgrade way.
We will release it free for E3 flasher user when complete.

3: We will release a great news for all PS3 user in next few days, and also with lots of free new game EBOOT .


1: E3 MOVE SUITE available now, total 5 parts in one box with a free BT earphone. The suggested retail price is only USD68. You can get from our official distributor. Click here to know more details .

The package include 5 accessory
E3 bluetooth earphone, E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera and camera stand.



1: New mainboard Fast dual boot successfully with E3 FLASHER. Click here to download manual.

2: E3 flasher Fast dual boot and downgrade OFW4.11 to 3.55 successfully, it's same way as downgrade 3.73 to 3.55.
We suggest user upgrade to OFW4.11 and then downgrade to 3.55 from now on. And don't forget backup your OFW4.11 bios well .

3: Downgrade to OFW3.41 from CFW3.55CHECKOFF successfully, tested by E3TEAM.
Now you can enjoy any 3.55FW by this way (downgrade to OFW3.41 and then upgrade to 3.55, include JB2CFW3.55, OFW3.55 and others).
Click here to download manual.
And a lot of thanks to who do the softwarer !

E3 flasher downgrade OFW4.0 to 3.55 successfully, it's same way as downgrade 3.73 to 3.55.
We suggest user upgrade to OFW4.0 and then downgrade to 3.55 from now on. And don't forget backup your OFW4.0 bios well .



Re-upload the downgrade firmware for E3 card reader. Click here to download.

2012 new year gift from E3 team.

Fast dual boot is now available. There are no brick risk any more! (Cause the operations are done on E3 onboard NOR instead of PS3 NOR flash)
All E3 flasher limited and E3 nor flasher can operate this way, click here to download file.

We're now producing 1000 more pieces of E3 flasher Limited version for those interested on dual boot.

2: E3 TBJB2CFW CHECKOFF available , the E3 flasher downgraded console can also works with TBJB2, click here to download file and enjoy new game.
Please note you still need the TBJB2 device. You can install this CFW on PS3 with recovery MODE or re-downgrade PS3 with this file, instead of STEP1 PS3UPDAT.PUP file.


3: E3 MOVE SUIT , the first third-party PS3 MOVE controller suite will be released soon, it will be fully compatible with all PS3 fat and slim, there will be many available colors, more comfortable design and more economic price to bring you a better enjoyment. You have a better choice now to add to the original accessories.

The E3 MOVE SUIT include 4 parts :
E3 Navigation Controller, E3 motion controller, E3 Camera , and E3 camera stand


E3 flasher downgrade OFW4.0 to 3.55 successfully, it's same way as downgrade 3.73 to 3.55.
We suggest user upgrade to OFW4.0 and then downgrade to 3.55 from now on. And don't forget backup your OFW4.0 bios well .


New E3 flasher update released, it will backup bios 3 times automatically. We suggest user verify those bios with E3 Nor dump checker, to assure the backup bios is no erro .
And E3 CLIP SUIT available now, it come with E3 NOR clip and E3 linker. E3 flasher can also work with E3 linker which need solder wires.



Some user install clip not well, so maybe they get an erro backup bios. We suggest user dump ps3 bios 3 times, verify those 3 backup bios with E3 Nor dump checker, this way will lower the risk of brick !

E3 Nor dump checker V1.0 released. It help you check if the backup bios is corret or wrong. We suggest user check the backup bios first before downgrade, it will lower the risk of brick !


Some user get console bricked because of wrong operation. Here enclose way to fix if console bricked.

Today we stopped the production of E3 flasher limited and start to provide E3 Nor flasher . The E3 Nor flasher function is same as E3 flasher limited and include 4 parts which is mainboard, cover board, CLIP with softboard and metal cover. It works on all Nor flash console and No solder. The E3 Nor flasher suggested retail price is USD78 .



New update to support Samsung NOR FLASH, click here to download and upgrade the E3 FLASHER.

Lots of buyer already got e3 flasher limited, most of them install e3 flasher and downgrade well. But few users get problem, here we list and give solution

1: Backup PS3 bios failed
Generally erro code is 10001100 .This is e3 flasher not works at all because installation wrong. The main problem is the installation of clip not correct. here is a video download link, to show how to install CLIP correctly.

2: Some mainboard can't install clip well
Some mainboard like 2004A is diffirence with others. Here is correct installation of clip .

3: Samsung NOR flash can't backup successfully, please wait our update of e3 fw.

4: In step 4, you need remove all usb device.

5: In step 5, when the screen display to prompt you connect usb cable , you need unplug PS3 power cable immediately and don't follow requirement of screen showing .

6: Some user don't know what it is downgrade dog on step 6 in the relegation flow manual.
The simple way is get an e3 card reader.

7: After you downgrade to 3.55, you can install any .pkf file , you can upgrade to 3.73 by network or USB DISK . But can't install other 3.55.PUP file .


E3 FLASHER LIMITED downgrade 3.73 to 3.55 successful, the downgrade way is same as 3.72 downgrade to 3.55, no change !
Please note after downgrade to 3.55, this 3.55 is a special CFW3.55, you can install any manager you love on this 3.55CFW! here we upload a good working multman manager for user.
We also add two new email address today, to get help, please contact help.e3@gmail.com ;
to enquiry sale question, please contact sale2.e3@gmail.com .

News: 2011-10-18
We renew two file to fix game problem after downgrade to 3.55 .Please note don't install any other 3.55FW after downgrade to 3.55, otherwise will have brick risk ! Click here to download the E3_downgrade file copy to TF(for one key downgrade)V1.2 and Enter and exit factory service mode file V1.2
News: 2011-10-14

We think lots of user mis-understand us, here is some clarification.
1: E3 FLASHER LIMITED still provide 11 accessory, include esata station.
2: we design e3 flasher on solder way at first, this way can get dual boot well. But later we change hardware and software design because of adding clip. so finally it's difficult to get dual boot function on e3 flasher clip version.
3: You still can get 3.72 and 3.55 switch with 2 HDD, it need more steps than dual boot, maybe we can call it half dual boot. This way no need any solder. We will release this half dual boot way in few days, you just upgrade e3 flasher limited and get it work.
4: We are working hard to allow e3 flasher limited vesion works really dual boot, but we can't promise now because lots of changes.
5: We upload all neccessory software and manual, you can go here to download and enjoy one key downgrade.
6: New e3 flasher should come out in few month with more fantastic function !
E3 flasher LIMITED version start to ship on 13th. We are sorry for the delay because CLIP component is very low rate . We had to ship small quantity like 100-200pcs every day recently , we are working hard to improve those problem.
Now you can get new slim installation manual with clip from here.
E3 flasher limited version fixed on NOR FLASH FAT console not so good, you can know some from here ,sure all NOR FLASH console is NO SOLDER include SLIM AND NOR FLASH FAT .
We are regret that we had to cancel some function like dual boot from E3 FLASHER LIMITED version becuase NO solder function added(CLIP). We will develop a new flasher to add those function with few wire solder.
We take some picture for E3 FLASHER LIMITED production, you can know production status here .
E3 flasher Limited package publicized, it contain 3 inner boxes, total 11 parts. And the shipping date should be arround 10th Oct because of China's National Day Holiday delay .
E3 flasher success downgrade 3.72 to 3.55, and also dual boot 3.72&3.55 without any problem !
video here : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzA1ODIzNjA4.html
E3 Flasher, the world first dual boot, simplest operation device , Surprising Arrival !
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